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I'd been struggling with health issues and sleep for a long time and my doctor recommended trying BuzzPOD. When I rang to discuss it, Michael was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. He even expressed the delivery for me and kindly helped me with all my questions. I wasn't sure what this little machine could actually do, but I knew I was sleeping much better and my dr ran further tests with the BuzzPOD on, confirming a huge improvement in my sleep patterns, apneas and time. It's comfortable, non intrusive and easy to take when you're travelling.
I have been using the BuzzPOD for a few months now. There is no doubt it works. Recently, I was unaware that the battery had run out but I certainly noticed the day time drowsiness had returned and when I checked the battery, sure enough, flat battery. So the Buzzpod clearly was keeping me off my back and sleeping better. I did make a vest to put the sensor into as I found the elastic belt slipped around a bit. Very happy with this product - it is the only thing that has worked for me.

The BuzzPOD has been the answer for our adult son with a disability. He has moderate sleep apnea with an acceptable number of episodes if kept sleeping on his side. The BuzzPOD has done just that. After commencing with the BuzzPOD our son stopped nodding off repeatedly when he was in the car or sitting in front of the TV during the day and his overall mood improved!
We were further convinced of the BuzzPOD's success when our son became overly tired and irritable - unbeknown to us, the battery was flat - when this was remediated with battery replacement he returned to his "new normal".
We were very pleased with the customer service - from the initial trial and setup through to any questions, concerns afterwards. Service was professional, friendly and prompt.

I purchased a BuzzPOD to try for my son, who is in his late 20s, and myself. We both snore, and my son particularly is a habitual back sleeper. We found the device to be more comfortable, less disruptive, and easier to use than another electronic device we had tried (which went around the neck), and it was very effective in preventing us from sleeping on our backs. In fact, when my son went in for a repeat overnight sleep test after a few weeks of using the BuzzPOD he was no longer recorded as sleeping on his back, and he was also no longer recorded as having sleep apnoea. It seemed to me that the BuzzPOD had helped train him out of sleeping on his back (he wasn't wearing it when he had the sleep test). We've also tried a few inflatable pillows and bumpers and have found them less effective than this device. We found Michael to be helpful and genuinely interested in the results achieved with his product.
I have been using the BuzzPOD regularly for over 4 years, and from the first night I noticed a profound improvement in the quality of my sleep. The device is easy to use, requires no maintenance, and I have always found it to be highly effective.
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